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CyberPunk Pack

Welcome to future! Animated CyberPunk OBS Pack

This package will be individually customized for you. Our team will create animations with your logo and integrate them into screens.

You will get:

- Stream Starting Soon screen

- Be Right Back screen

- Offline Screen

- Intermission Screen

- Chat Screen

- Stinger screens transition

- Animated Webcam Overlay 

- Panels

About Product: 

All Videos will be in Full HD, with perfect Loop. Video formats, .mov and .webm optimized for OBS Streamlabs. Your logo will be animated manually and integrated in screens. Also bottom part of screens will have your social names ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube ..). If there will need any changes we will work on screens to be perfect for you. 

How it works:

After you Purchase this item we will contact you with preferred method you choose 

( online live chat, instagram messages, email ....)

If there any questions about this product feel free contact our team 24/7

Place your order and we will start work immediately on your new CyberPunk Theme.

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